“Heel mooi ingericht en prachtige modellen, goed verzorgd,” fam. den Boon, Dordrecht

The museum

The Brouws Museum shows every aspect of the relationship Brouwershaven maintained with the shipping industry. This is accomplished by means of authentic ship models, interesting maritime paintings, topographical maps, navigational charts, engravings, and so on.

But there is more. The museum collection contains a number of designs that characterize former life at sea and in the harbor. Navigational instruments at sea or on the coast, a portion of the gold trading coins found in Brouwershaven in 2000 (15th to 17th centuries), models of ship artillery and a number of other interesting and/or curious items.

In addition to maritime items and a historical collection, the Brouws Museum also houses an auditorium for the exhibition of films and a library.